James Gunn feiert das einjährige Jubiläum von Guardians of the Galaxy

James Gunn hat auf seiner Facebook-Seite eine Nachricht an seine Fans anlässlich des einjährigen Jubiläums von Guardians of the Galaxy veröffentlicht. Gunn geht in der Nachricht noch einmal auf den überwältigenden Erfolg des Films ein, mit dem niemand gerechnet hatte. Am meisten bedeute ihm allerdings, dass so viele Fans weltweit die Charaktere und Geschichte in ihre Herzen geschlossen haben.

Ihm bedeute es sehr viel, dass sich die Fans unter dem Leitspruch „We are Groot“ zusammengeschlossen haben, sogar über Scherze im Film gelacht haben, von denen er dachte, die Zuschauer würden sie gar nicht wahrnehmen und den Besuchern der Film so gut gefallen habe, dass sie gar zwei oder drei Mal ins Kino gegangen sind.

Er habe all sein Herzblut in diesen Film gesteckt und sei dankbar dafür, dass die Fans den Film ebenso in ihr Herz geschlossen haben. Die vollständige Nachricht findet ihr nachfolgend.


One year ago today, Guardians of the Galaxy opened up in the U.S. and many places around the world. The movie massively over-performed that weekend, even by our own expectations, but what meant more to me is how much so many of you, no matter where you were from, took the story and the characters into your hearts. What meant more to me is that „We are Groot“ became a rallying cry for unity among friends and families. What meant more to me is that you laughed at the dumb stuff I thought you’d miss, like „Cap’n’s gotta teach stuff“ and „I was thinking of something else.“ What meant more to me is that in our tenth week we were out-performing any comic book film in recent history – not because of the money, but because people were going back to see the film a second, third, fourth, fifth time, or more, because they loved it. What mattered to me is that after a lifetime of telling stories and half a lifetime making movies, I felt like you and I, filmmaker and audience, were at the same place at the same time.

It mattered to me mostly because I told a story fully with my heart, and you took it into yours. I don’t think I can ever explain how much that means to me. It makes every failure I’ve ever had well worth it.

I get a lot of messages from people saying, „You made me believe in movies again.“ Well, you guys made me believe that what I spent my life doing was worth doing. And you strengthened my belief that nothing’s worth doing, if it’s not done honestly, and it’s not done with love.

On this, the one year anniversary of the cinematic Guardians entering our solar system: thank you, thank you, thank you.  We really are, truly, honestly Groot.



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